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Yoga for the Undisciplined

For the undisciplined, Yoga can be quite intimidating. The elegant and precise movements achieved by a trained practitioner can both inspire and crush ones efforts all in single pose. A common challenge confronted by many, I recently tapped into the skilled trainings of Alessandra Montana, Sanara Tulum’s Yoga Studio Manager to delve into the different types of yoga and more importantly choosing the best style suited for you.

Originated by a yogi named Sri Tirulma Kirshnamachayra, Vinyasa (vin-YA-sa) Yoga is a practice dedicated to movement carefully synchronized with breathing. Yoga is comprised of a series of asanas (poses & postures) that will advance a trainee through multiple forms of inhaling and exhaling. Each class is designed to coincide with the skill level performed by its attendees. Led by Sanara’s Alessandra Montana, and the always beautiful Luna Limon & Richelle Morgan, Vinyasa yoga is a perfect introduction for a beginner or a trained student in transition.

Presented in a unique series of poses, Ashtanga Yoga instills a moral and ethical approach to postures, breath work, and most importantly meditation. A workout designed to ultimately produce a purifying sweat that detoxifies the muscles and organs. Available in beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels, Ashtanga is a style of yoga best suited for those with a little more experience.

A more vigorous and fitness-based approach to Ashtanga and Vinyasa yoga styles, Power Yoga does not align with the typical set of poses. With its emphasis on strength and flexibility, Power yoga is considered by many to be the “gym yoga”. Both Ashtanga & Power Yoga classes are taught by Adriana Mangino, all levels are welcome to these power focused exercises.

Celebrated as the ‘mother of all yoga’ styles, Hatha Yoga by it’s Sanskrit definition means willful or forceful. A representation of the masculineHa is of the sun, and Tha represents the moon and femininity within all of us. The ultimate formulated yoga focuses on asanas (postures), dhauti or shodana (cleansing technique), pranayama (breathing exercise), bandha (locks) and mudra (hand gestures). Taught by the handsomely talented Flavio Lopez, Hatha Yoga is ideal for the intrepid yoga going enthusiast.

Another form of Hatha Yoga, Iyengar Yoga puts the emphasis on detail, precision and alignment within the performance of asanas (postures) and pranayama (breath control). Commonly performed with the use of various accessories such as; belts, blocks, and blankets to aid in the ultimate pose execution. Be sure to pick up your selected items before class starts. Instructed by Eugenia Russian, all levels are welcome.

Last but not least, Pilates the highly coveted physical fitness program improves flexibility, strength, and is a key skill to refining muscle control and endurance. Taught by the highly trained Beatriz Aleman, and once again all levels are welcome. 

— R.G.


Abdomen (gut) Health w/ Rhiannon Baker. 

Meet Rhiannon Baker- A euphoric force to be reckoned with, Rhiannon epitomizes the very philosophy of health and wellness at Sanara Tulum and you need to know her.

Currently carving out an intricate facet within the hotel's wellness center, Rhiannon our in-house nutritionist specializes in abdomen (gut) health, as a basis for all well being. Strategically calling into question the common habits that are known to manifest diseases within the digestive system, Rhiannon carefully pinpoints various food intake that is damaging to the abdomen lining, ultimately drawing attention to health-giving nourishment.

Based on her knowledge of several different diet types, from vegan to Paleo her personal philosophy is grounded in eating local, seasonal and organic, vegetables, fruits, fermented foods, healthy fats and some ethically sourced animal products such as organic eggs, grass fed beef and deeply nourishing and healing bone broths. She is a passionate 'farm to table' devotee, consciously sourcing and eating of foods and has a particular interest in reviving traditional eating practices and food preparation techniques, such as fermentation.

Purposefully eliminating stressful foods such as grains, gluten, commercial dairy and refined sugar from traditional diets and providing recipes and guidance as to how you can easily transition into this way of eating. Rhiannon takes pride in eating a 'wild-diet' in which you connect to your food by foraging as much as you can from a local environment, especially as wild food often has a higher nutritional value than farm produced food due to its varied and fertile growing environment.

Originally from Bristol, UK and having spent the last seven years as a support worker and training in nutritional healing, Rhiannon makes up one vital yet delightful slice of the Sanara community. Introducing an eye-opening experience to healthy living, her effective approach to a well nourished diet is about to set the global health enthusiast alight. Offering individually tailored consultations, Rhiannon will arrange a private Q&A and delve into your life history, current situation and eating habits and finally draft a detailed response and dietary plan to help you reach your health goals. For more information about Sanara’s Holistic Nutritional Consultation, please email us at

— R.G.

Crystal Healing Therapy

Imagine yourself deep in massage, somewhere in paradise if you will; a quick shift in the chest releases a gasp of oxygen, as if you were breathing for the very first time. You calmly collect yourself as the soft yet earthy voice tells you ‘You’re going to experience life differently after this’. No kiddies you don’t have to sell your soul to get here. The life-enhancing Crystal Healing Treatment is tucked away somewhere in Mexico. Sanara Tulum that is.

Meet Mauricio Terrazas, a Peruvian born healer with a passion for giving life. At first glance Mauricio’s cool beach-surf style embodies all that is holy caribbean chic. His lengthy grey dreadlocks, authentic Mayan threads, and most importantly eight years of practice assure us that his Crystal Healing experience is without a doubt “legit”.

Set in a light filled room, over-looking the Riviera Maya Mauricio’s forty-four beautifully hand crafted stones & crystals were purposefully placed alongside uniquely designed pendulums that sparkled in undeniable importance. Strategically placing black obsidian stones along my torso, chest, and head. Mauricio gently dangled a pendulum above, spiritually lighting his way through my eclipsed soul.

As my physical body lay supine, I felt my spirit stand in an erect position. Leaving nothing left unturned, the energy in the room quickly began shift as he peeled away each stone from my being. Removing what he calls the ‘shaded areas’ or blockage from my chakras. Then victoriously tossing each of the infected rocks into a bowl brimming with fresh saltwater, leaving the impurities to drown at the very bottom.

Next, colorful amethyst crystals are placed along the chakras; knowledge, strength, and heart points. With the softest touch, a deep tissue massage takes place. Utilizing his skills in Shiatsu, Mauricio performs the kind of massage that awakens one’s bones. As the serenading sounds of crashing waves beckoned me outside the spa window. I surrendered to the divine of my own well being.

Once the massage was over, Mauricio looked out-onto the sea. He spoke of my childhood, my challenged heart, my many struggles. Everything he said made perfect sense, as if I had known him all my life. He gave me a hearty hug and thanked me for sharing this experience with him. My life has indeed altered for the greater, Mauricio’s Crystal Healing treatment is one to cherish and to hold sacred.


— R.G.




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