Buen Provecho! Fine dining in Tulum, Mexico. 

Center to some of the tastiest Mexican and International cuisine in Quintanna Roo, Tulum’s restaurant and night life is filled with a variety of options from hearty to healthy selects. Artisans of individuality each restaurateur has created a venue unique in their own right. In no particular order please see a list of my favorites located directly on Tulum’s beach road.

Gitano- The renowned Tapas Restaurant and Mezcal bar opened just last year. By it’s Spanish definition, Gitanomeans gypsy, and the space embodies just that. Featuring s a wild esthetic of nature, a romantically light lounge, and complete with a Mayan inscented aroma. The chillingly infused Mezcal cocktails are dressed to perfection and the best on the beach. Attracting both locals and tourist alike, Gitano is the place to be when the clock strikes midnight. 

Restaurare- Inspired by the philosophy of restoring the spirit. Restaurare is a Vegan oasis tucked away off the beach road adjacent the bar Tábano. The meatless menu, offers a delectable taste of traditional Mexican dishes. While the no-frills yet charming esthetic compliments the dedicated whole-hearted staff.

Villa Pescadores- Freshly opened early last year, Villa Pescadores is positioned just before the road that leads to the Tulum Ruins. The youthful and relaxed environment sits in view of Tulum’s finest fisherman. The large offering of small plates and cocktails, is the ideal location  for casual play. More often than not, live music and dancing is had at sunset. On a more personal note, Villas Pescadores is a place where I spend most of my time. 

The Real Coconut- This quiet yet quintessentially cool beachfront eatery is located inside the Sanara Tulum hotel. Offering comforting classics with an all-natural twist, plates are prepared from the freshest locally grown produce. Every dish is designed to nourish and support both the body and soul down to a cellular level without dismissing the importance of flavor. The Real Coconut prides itself on developing plates for the curative conscience.

La Zebra- Positioned directly to the right of Sanara, La Zebra is the perfect mix of Mexican infused dining. Providing live DJs and Salsa dance class on Sundays the La Zebra restaurant offers a selection of traditional Mexican breakfast, lunch, and dinner plates.

Mezzanine- Located on the public side of the beach road of Tulum, Mezzanine hotel & restaurant is home to one of the best views in town. Offering a unique mix of Mexican infused dishes alongside delicious plates of Tai. The restaurant offers a happy hour from 1-4 PM and their fish tacos are not to be missed. 

Posada Margarita- The intimate open-walled Italian restaurant, serves a classic selection of pastas alongside a daily catch. Creating a fresh menu daily, each meal is served with an anti pasta platter that includes; bruschetta, focaccia, and cauliflower. The wine list includes a selection of chianti and South American offerings. Please note, Posada Margarita does not accept reservations, walkins only.

Ahau- A destination for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. TheAhau restaurant is a place where rustic living meets high style. The Latin American cuisine is favorited by tourist and locals alike. Showcasing a seaside grill, fresh salads, and hearty sandwiches. Favorited by both local and tourist alike, Ahou is known for great music and a beautiful crowd.

Hartwood- The highly celebrated Heartwood is favored internationally. Tourist flock from all over the world to taste the unique dishes prepared by Chef Eric Weiner. Inspired by the savory fruit and and protein options found only in the Yucatan. Heartwood’s specialty is good food, and the flavor in every last bite. Run completely on solar energy power, the no-frills kitchen prepares most of its plates over a wooded fire. Heartwood does not accept reservations in advance, in-order to score yourself a table one must physically schedule a table between the hours of 3-6PM. — R.G.

One of the less boasted about yet incredibly enchanting experiences had throughout Mexico is the migration of the butterflies. If you’re lucky enough to step outside in the very sunny streets of Tulum, look up, and you will find a swarm of butterflies have filled the air with absolute beauty.

Fluttering about in all shapes and sizes, the long travelled insects have reached their final stretch of a 5,000 mile long journey that began in North America. The final destination of the year long feet is complete with the well deserved mission of hibernation. Thousands of tiny caterpillar eggs will be laid upon selected milkweed leaves for the next generation to complete the life cycle.

Sometimes one simply needs to look up, and the inspiration finds us! Starting now and throughout the month of July enjoy the beautiful migration of one of Mother Nature’s most beautiful creatures.

— R.G.


Keep em' Flying! Memorial Day Celebration with Cockpit USA & The AAM Museum

Up! Up! And away! The American Airpower Museum opened it's hanger doors to the public, for their Memorial Day Weekend annual flight show and festivities. Held at Republic Airport in Farmingdale, Long Island. 

The Flying Fortress, Sherman Tank, Flying Tigers and the Heavy Artillery machinery was strategically position-ed for interaction, the iconic air-crafts made for a killer selfie, while simultaneously honoring U.S. Veterans.

The AAM showcases Legends of Airpower and Armor all Memorial Day weekend. Proudly sponsored by Cockpit USA, a special 'Fighter Pilot' experience is available upon request. Needless to say... I couldn't resist adding the title Maverick to my CV, I was all in! Once clear for take off, I was buckled into a B-25 bomber having no idea what lay ahead I crawled between the smallest space of the plane's nose, ultimately unveiling a view that was true divinity. I landed feeling like a million bucks and what felt like the set of Pearl Harbor (the movie)!

The event proved to be an honorable success! Complete with an iconic flight show followed by big band sounds, and a nostalgic dance. A storm could not keep the Clymans from celebrating Memorial Day Weekend.

Remaining true to their mission of preserving American history, the museum is mostly occupied by veterans and volunteers. I personally suggest paying a visit to the American Air Power Museum to honor our Veterans and their heroic efforts for Memorial Day Weekend- Adult admission is $20, Senior/Veteran (with ID) is $15, children are $8, children three and under are free. 

I must give a special thanks to Mike Kennedy, Pedro Sanchez, and all of the volunteers who made my visit a memorable one! 

— R.G.


Once merely a sleepy fisherman’s village on the Caribbean coast of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, Tulum has since grown into an epicenter of counter culture eco-tourism. Now a place where high style and down to earth eco-living can co-exist. Our Rudy Gonzales recently spoke with Studio Arquitectos, the highly innovative and sought after architects of Tulum’s most populated spaces to delve into the majestic architecture that is SanaraTulum.

Constructed of unparalleled craftsmanship, Sanara Tulum was designed with one intention in mind: to create a tangible place in the world, a space to unite like minded individuals with the common purpose of self-transformation, for greater understanding of ourselves and the world around us… objective achieved!

The Sanara Tulum hotel is positioned on the highly coveted beach of the Riviera Maya, the hotel’s foundations and structures have been built with the utmost respect and awareness of the sanctity of the land of Tulum. In an effort to incur minimal displacement or damage to the beach, the hotel’s stand alone properties are strategically placed without walkways ultimately allowing Mother Nature to grow harmoniously throughout and with inhabitants of its birthplace.  

Each structure is developed and supported on ground-level pilotis, elevating the building from the earth ultimately allowing the continuity of living organisms below. Above, pristine white sands, coco palms, and Mayan chit trees flourish naturally throughout the Sanara Tulum landscape.

It’s true what they say, “You don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone”, however, you don’t know what you’ve been missing until it arrives. Sanara Tulum, heal with us. Read interview here.  — R.G.                    

Turtle Time

One of the greater pleasures in life are the small yet beautiful encounters had with the world around us. The connection that human beings have with Mother Nature is a powerful one indeed. Every year from May through October it is Turtle Nesting Season in the Caribbean. Here is what you need to know!

Almost every night, upon sundown, a mother turtle arises from the deep blue sea that is the Riviera Maya, she then makes her way to the location she herself originally hatched and carefully digs a nest to lay her eggs. For those lucky enough to catch her “in the act”, this beautiful and sacred encounter is certain to be ingrained in your memory.

For over a 100 Million years sea turtles have flourished among the pristine beaches of Tulum, yet today they are an endangered species. Only one in a thousand baby turtles reach adulthood. Of the seven species of sea turtles living worldwide, six reside within the Mexican beaches, four within Quintana Roo; The Green Turtle, Loggerhead, Hawksbill, and the Leatherback. Together alongside the highly respected non-profit work of theRiviera Maya-Tulum Sea Turtle Conservation by Flora & Fauna, Sanara Tulum invites you to experience in the preservation of these beautiful creatures.

It is of the utmost importance that we share these precautions in the aiding of the sacred ritual. Keep an eye out for marked-off nesting areas throughout the Tulum beach.

1. However tempting it may be, try to avoid approaching the turtles and we must NEVER touch them. Allowing the turtles plenty of space to nest, and feel secure. We highly advise against swimming at night, and avoiding the use of any beach beds or other accessories.

2. Tidy up after any & all beach play. A turtle can easily confuse litter especially plastics with their own food. Which could severely harm them or even be fatal.

3. Be aware of your untethered pets. Loose animals may unknowingly damage an existing nest or consume the offspring. It’s best to keep unsupervised pets off the beach during nesting season.

4. Sea turtles approach the beach in darkness as it a signal of safety. Avoid strong lighting, flash photography, and bonfires as these will result in frightening the turtles away.  Please note, Red colored lighting is safe and does not distract the turtles.  

5. Careful where you step especially during the dark and or walking at night, ball games can also destroy a nest.

6. Once they have hatched, sea turtles are guided by the natural light.  Should you find a nesting of baby turtles hatching, please advise a member of staff or security to assist.

7. The hunting of Sea Turtles is against the law and most importantly cruel. Do not purchase or consume any sea turtle-derived products.

The Riviera Maya-Tulum Sea Turtle Conservation has aided in the protection in turtle wildlife for almost three decades. In the past 13 years alone, the program has protected more than 67,000 Green & Loggerhead turtle nests. As well as released over 4 million hatchlings to the sea. Budgets are tight, and the peso is stretched in lengths to provide personnel with the correct tools.  — R.G.